Bijoux Papers | High End wall coverings | Bejeweled Luxury Wallpapers

Bijoux Papers is the creation of two seasoned award winning artists, Hildin Pomares and Maricarmen Fernandez.
After years of being involved in interior design they felt that walls were just not getting the attention they deserve, as such they embarked on this journey that has resulted in a luxurious and unique style unrivaled in the industry.

  Hildin Pomares   Maricarmen  
  Hildin Pomares
Award winning designer with decades of experience designing faux finishes, wall treatments and tromploy for a myriad of locals.
  Maricarmen Fernandez
Award winning designer also with decades of experience designing for high end clientele such as Versace, Jon Secada, Armani and a very long list of luxury locales.

Responsibility for health and environment are one of our priorities. We use water based products that have little impact on the environment and health. We use papers made in the USA and in Germany. The natural materials we use are all sustainable materials that come from different parts of the world but we strive to purchase them from the most reputable companies, although we try to go to local sources where possible. We are always looking for ways to improve both the quality of the products and the impact on the environment. Packing is done with the least amount of materials and with as much recyclable products possible. We are always looking for ways to improve.