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Café Med at Deerfield Beach, Fl. 4¨x 4¨ panels on a 12¨x 8¨wall, enhanced with semi-precious stones and glass stones. All covered with a resin coat
that makes them very resistant.
18" x 20" textured panels with semi precious stones, separating the ballroom and the kitchen at The Point Condominium at Aventura, Fl.
Faux finish at The Point ballroom in Aventura, Fl. 7-8-9 White venetian plaster with mother of pearl finish at a private
residence in Fisher Island, Miami, Fl.
Faux finish at private residence in Bay point, Fl
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Disclaimer:  Keep out of the reach of children as some may try to pry the set jewels out of the papers and may represent a choking hazard.  Bijoux Papers is not responsible for any misuse of their products.

All Designs made for wallpapers can also be ordered as wall panels, prices may vary, please contact us for information