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Where does Bijoux Paper come from?

We hand paint and prepare all of our papers and “jewels” at our studio in Miami, Florida.

Do we accept orders for custom colors and designs?

Yes we do, as long as you give us the color chip from a paint manufacturer or from a sample book. For custom designs we need the specifications.

How many square feet do we need?

You have to multiply the height by the width of the wall you are planning on using the paper on. You must realize there is always a waste when you are installing paper. Keep in mind we always ship 10% over the order at no cost to you. Even so, you must make sure of your measurements in order to have the full amount of paper from the same batch. Even using the same paint all the time there could be a slight variation from the paint manufacturer. That is why we encourage you to ask for a bit more. Those extra pieces will eventually come in handy in case you need to make repairs. Depending on the technique used for installing the paper the amounts of paper needed will vary. If you are placing the modular papers in an asymmetrical block pattern or even the regular blocks you will need approximately 30 to 35% more paper than the wall measurements. With rolls you are advised to always have a minimum 15%-20% extra for waste.
Our Wall panels can be customized. They measure from 12” x 12” up to 4´x 8´ and can be made customized to your size specs.

How durable are the papers?

These papers are durable and resistant to normal wear and tear.

Who can install Bijoux Papers?

Usually designers have good installers that can use our products without any problem. If you want to do it yourself you can. We provide instructions on how to do it and we advise you of the proper adhesive and wall preparations needed.
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Where can we use Bijoux Papers?

In any flat surface you wish, walls, furniture, columns or other surfaces you wish to cover. If it is a shiny surface you must first sand it in order for it to have “tooth” for the treatments. Walls should be fairly smooth. If need be, fill holes or grooves with drywall mud and sand. Use as many applications as you need in order to smooth out the surface.

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